The cross-platform crypto-economy simulator.

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What is Efferri?

Eferri is a crypto-economy simulator designed to be able to function on any platform. The idea with the game was that it'd allow people to have the experience of starting a crypto mine, from start to finish, including details like the gear, equipment, placement, and the chaining and the way they interact with each other, as well the security aspects of the project. Players will have to work on security systems in order to keep other players from stealing their information.

How does it work?

In Efferri, there are two paths: the miner, and the hacker.

The Hacker


The Miner

The miner begins by selecting a location to start his first operation. They will have a limited budget, so they will be forced to factor many things in, such as how much electricity costs, how large the property is, the taxes for the property, and the costs to get equipment there. The miner must then use the remaining cost to purchase the gear. The miner will also have to figure out how to configure their gear to get the most use out of it. But be careful, because poor configuration will degrade your gear even faster than the standard configuration. The standard configurations for most gear is designed to last as long as possible. 

The hacker begins in a similar way. They first select their property, however they must keep an eye out for how much electricity costs, the cost and taxes for the property, and the internet speeds for the property. They then will select their gear with the remaining money. The hackers also run the black market, where they can sell the bitcoin and other information they gather for money. A hacker can also break into security systems to plant their own miners or spyware. A miner can participate in hacking, but a hacker doesn't have to participate in mining.

When can I play it?

The game is still very early in development. We don't even know how to start predicting when it will be done. When a concrete date is announced however, you will find a countdown on this page.