The Ones That Got Away

March 28th, 2020

The Ones That Got Away is a collection of various tracks that either didn’t make the cut of a project or didn’t get a proper release. It has tracks between all the way back in 2017, to present. It also features very different styles and evolution of the “PCNERD sound” through time.


  1. Arcadia [2017]
  2. Dilemma [2017]
  3. Tsuki Sayu Yoru – Remix [2018]
  4. Cross Section [2020]

Acid – (Archives)

June 28th, 2019

Acid – (Archives) is the major 2019 release from PCNERD, and is considered to be a milestone in her production skill. The project features cut up and distorted break-beat samples mixed with an array of different saw and acid synthesizers. That in combination with the tight mixing makes a really interesting and raw-sounding project.


  1. 12 PM
  2. Acid I
  3. Acid II
  4. g.mb32.l10
  5. g.mb64.l07
  6. 1 AM


January 13th, 2018

Abnormalities is the project that Ruby really started to find her sound for the PCNERD project. It opens with the dark and vibrant Mutator, a track that set the tone for the PCNERD project going forward.


  1. Mutator
  2. 26C
  3. Hypnotize
  4. Something Different
  5. Unimportant Business
  6. Untitled Track 23